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French Academy

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The French Academy was founded in 2013 by two passionate and experienced native French teachers who wanted to provide the highest standards of learning French. They realized that a school was needed in the DC metro area to answer the specific needs of different individuals: adults seeking a tailored-made course, families with children of different ages, especially bilingual families; and also professionals, for whom flexibility and specific goals are important. Now we are developing into the DC Metro area, offering group classes for adults and children at convenient locations (K Street DC, Chevy Chase MD and Alexandria VA) and flexible one-on-one lessons.

Our French Immersion Classes for children In Chevy Chase or Alexandria

  • Les moineaux (1.5-3 years)
  • Les poussins (3.5-5 years)
  • Les Momes (6-8 years)
  • Les grands (9-12 years)
  • French Booster for middle/ high school (12 and above)
  • Workshops (3 and above): Magical Workshop 'Camelot', Creative Workshop '1,2,3 couleurs', Baking workshop at Paul Bakery
  • Les P’tits Francais levels 0, 1, 2, 3 for French speaking children (6-13 years)

The course curriculum focuses on complete immersion, although reading and writing will be introduced according to the children’s age and abilities. We adjust our activities according to our students needs giving every one of them as much attention as we can.

In our French world your children will meet new friends (hand puppets for our youngest students) and will have a lot of fun. We use authentic materials: children books, songs, TV programs, movies and magazines for teens, plus a lot of interactive games and activities that make learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation very fun!

Advantages of the French Academy

  • Native teachers: children learn the right pronunciation from the start.
  • Experienced teachers with certified standards.
  • Proven methods: action and communication based immersion, re-creating a natural language environment.
  • Small sized classes (compared to 10 or 12 in other schools…)
  • Authentic French material (books, songs, articles…)
  • French Culture!

Did you know that learning a foreign language has a positive impact on the general learning abilities of children? French is also one of the most needed languages in the world. Register your child for a class at the French Academy today!

Age: All ages
5749 Governors Pond Circle
Alexandria, VA 22310
5671 Western Avenue NW
Chevy Chase, DC 20015
Casa at Sheridan School
Hansel & Gretel, until November 16 at The Puppet Co
 Leesburg Animal Park Pumpkin Village Open Until Nov. 6th.

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French Academy
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