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Lango Prince George's County

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Lango offers play-based, full-immersion classes and camps in Spanish, French and Mandarin for children from 18 months to 9 years of age throughout the Washington, DC metro area. Guided by experienced Lango teachers who are native or bilingual, our students sing, dance, play games and listen to stories in the target language.

Lango’s unique, adventure-based curriculum is based on several proven approaches to teaching a second language. Lango students reinforce the integrated curriculum at home with age-appropriate books, flashcards and CDs.

Lango’s fun, exciting program has been implemented with great success for thousands of children across the country. Come experience the fun of learning a foreign language with Lango!

Please call Lango at 888-445-2646 or visit www.langokids.com to find a class or camp near you! Gracias! Merci! Xie xie!

Contact Info
Age: 18 months to 9 years
Hansel & Gretel, until November 16 at The Puppet Co
Casa at Sheridan School
 Leesburg Animal Park Pumpkin Village Open Until Nov. 6th.

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