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Claude Moore Colonial Farm

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Claude Moore Colonial Farm recreates life on an 18th century tenant farm in colonial Virginia. See volunteers dressed in period clothes talk about tobacco farming, animal husbandry and life on the farm. Children of all ages enjoy learning at the Farm.

Special events include the 1771 Market Fair which takes place three times each year (Spring/Summer/Fall).

Contact Info
Price: $2/child & senior; $3/adult
Age: All ages
Claude Moore Colonial Farm
6310 Georgetown Pike
McLean, VA 22101
Casa at Sheridan School
Hansel & Gretel, until November 16 at The Puppet Co
 Leesburg Animal Park Pumpkin Village Open Until Nov. 6th.
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The colonial fairs are just the right amount of entertainment for the whole family-- an it is great to see the kids enjoying themselves away from the glowing screens.

Thu May 18, 2017 by jennsjunk

Try to sign up for one of their summer educational days, really a neat experience

Thu Sep 1, 2016 by dcelizabeth

Our family has been going to the Market Fairs for years. It's like a quick trip to Williamburg but more "country!" We enjoy the food (roast chickens, fresh bread, cheese, sausages) and entertainment (sword demonstrations, Signora Bella on her slack rope and more). There's a AAA discount making it just a few dollars for the family. We always have the best luck going right at 11 and heading straight to the kids activities before it gets too busy.

Thu Jan 28, 2016 by BN

Think of the Market Fair it as a very small version of the Renaissance Festival, held one weekend of each season of the year except winter. Much more manageable and in a smaller area. We've been coming hear since our daughter was 2 and she will be volunteering this year for the first time. We have friends who've been coming for 25 years. Lots of entertainment (sword fighting demos, tightrope walkers), crafts of every kind, and great food. They also sell native plants. They have a playground and activities like candle-making and water-coloring, oh, and potpourri making and corn-husk-doll-making. Sack races and Three-legged races, there's just a ton of things to do!

Thu Oct 1, 2015 by leviwallach

We love going to this place. In the spring they have their annual farm festival complete with wonderful food, arts and crafts, shows for the children. It's a wonderful field trip destination!

Tue Jan 20, 2015 by repsinacd

Claude Moore has expansive hiking trails and nature walks, a historic log cabin, many hands-on discoveries and a great picnic area. We especially enjoyed our playgroup's guided tour; it was very educational and child-friendly. - Kathleen B.

Tue Jan 22, 2013 by ourkids

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by Jamie Davis Smith
July 9, 2013

Hidden away behind the CIA is an oasis of calm preserving a slice of life from 1771. Virginia is still a British colony and the closest town is a day's walk. A fictional family of three lives on the farm and, lucky for us, welcomes visitors to visit and watch how they live and farm during a typical 18th century day in this "living museum."

The farm is large and beautiful. You enter by walking down a scenic path that leads to a field of rye. Next to the rye field is a tobacco farm and tobacco barn, which isn't surprising given that in 1771 tobacco was considered legal tender and was a major crop in Virginia. Nearby are turkeys and chickens as well as a large pond, which a trio of geese call home. Further up the hill are hogs, cattle, as well as wheat, corn, and other crops worked by the family.

Since a family calls the farm home, you are welcome to visit with them in their house. The family is not wealthy and their home is modest. The floor is dirt which my son was very curious about. During our recent visit a member of the family was available to give us a tour and answer questions. Most days other members of the family can be seen working the fields, although it is not a guarantee to see everyone on any given day.

My children loved wandering through all parts of the farm and seeing the animals. They especially liked sitting by the pond and watching the ducks. They were a little cautious of the family characters wearing period clothing at first, but they warmed up pretty quickly.

The farm is fantastic on a typical day, but the farm hosts several special events including very popular 1771 Market Fair, which happens three times a year, as well as farm skills days and harvest days.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm is open Wednesdays through Sundays from April through Mid-December. There is plenty of free parking available at the farm. When you arrive, check in at the gift shop and pay the modest admission fee of $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for children three and up. On market days admission is $6.00 for admission and $3.00 for children. No paths are paved, but it is possible to push a stroller. There are picnic tables set up by the gift shop if you want to take a packed lunch.

Enjoy your step back in time!

Photos by Jamie Davis Smith.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm
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