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Newark Street Park Playground

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The Equipment

Landscape Structures re-designed many parks in the District of Columbia and Newark is by far my favorite remodel.  I was immediately channeling my inner youth when I came across the mailbox and the Kids Cabin.  I thought I was in my own tree house where only kids are allowed.  Someone was even kind enough to leave a play kitchen which added to the awesomeness that was Newark Street Playground.  

Giant flowers beam over the play structures.  From mushroom stools and logs to step on, a wishbone balance beam, caterpillar style tunnel, and a slide that is really the hollow of a tree, there’s a sense of whimsy at the park.  Cross the suspension bridge, rest inside a giant acorn, discover the inside of a “cave”, or create your own nature sounds by cranking gears or bells.

Initially, when I saw the small mound in the center with super narrow slides I said, what the heck is this for?  Then I noticed the sign stating it was for babies 9 to 24 months with significant head control.  Never had I seen a slide, or in this case, two slides (one on either side of the hill) allowing the youngest of babes to experience whizzing down a piece of equipment.  Brilliant I tell ya!

Rounding out this fabulous playground is an Omni Spinner, which is a four seated, semi-enclosed, modern and safer version of a merry-go-round.  The four seated see saw is also a modern version with high backed seats and supporting handle bars.  The play space is a wonderful change and, for children with sensory issues, can be a respite from the old and creaky equipment found at other parks.

The Scene

Newark Street Playground was renovated earlier in 2014 and it is a must visit if you reside in the DC area.  There is a separate dog park and community garden space, but the playground makes me wish I was a kid again!  The natural elements and color palette blend in making it unusual to find in an urban destination.  The rubber play surface and significant shade factor make it a popular choice for families of young children.  Street parking is time limited, but not hard to find a space.

Age Recommendation

All ages.



Review and photos by Kathleen Molloy.

Price: Free
Age: All ages
3300 39th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
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FANTASTIC playground for the under 5 set. I had avoided going after the renovation b/c it was SO terrible before but once we were there, we didn't want to leave. I will say my son is 5 and will outgrow it very soon, if he hasn't already. My daughter's favorite part is the monkey bars b/c they are very low to the ground and she can actually reach them, unlike monkey bars at most parks.

Mon Aug 18, 2014 by JosieM

Newark Street Park Playground
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