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November 8, 2013
Jamie Davis Smith
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I have always loved taking photos - even before the advent of digital photography.  So, I found myself with thousands of photos packed into photo albums that I rarely opened and never shared with anyone.   I wanted to digitize my old photos but was daunted by the thought of scanning them all myself.  I was pleased to discover that ScanMyPhotos.com would do the work for me at a reasonable price, especially considering the hours I would save by having them do the job for me, not to mention the space I would free up.

The process was very simple.  ScanMyPhotos.com sent me a postage-paid medium-sized priority USPS mail box.   It took me a few days to remove all of my photos from my photo albums, but once I did I divided them into different categories and secured them into stacks with a rubber band, and mailed the box back.  I will admit to being a little nervous when I dropped off the box filled with years of irreplaceable memories at the post office.  Eight days after I sent off my photos to be scanned I received them back safe and sound, in the exact same order in which I had packed them, along with a thumb drive containing all of my images.

I had fun going through my old photos when I packed them up, but I had even more fun when I received my photos back in digital format.  I emailed photos to friends I haven’t seen in years and got to reminisce about some really fun times.  I also have some cherished childhood photos in digital form and I am so glad to know that they won’t continue to fade or become damaged.

I was very pleased with how ScanMyPhotos.com handled my precious memories.  Everything I needed was sent right to my door, my photos were handled and returned in the same condition, the quality of the scanned photos was very good, and bonus -- service was fast.

If you have old photos collecting dust and being ignored, having them scanned is a great way to breathe new life into them.   I’m glad I finally found a way to get those old photos preserved and on my computer with the rest of my pictures.  For as little as $159, you too can get your photos professionally scanned saving you precious time!  Watch an easy How-To Video to learn more about the process.

Discount from ScanMyPhotos.com! 

A big congratulations to Shannon P. who was the lucky winner of the prize package we offered in November.  ScanMyPhotos.com is now offering all readers a 10% discount (up to $100 total).

Use coupon code OURKIDS during checkout and you'll get 10% off (up to $100 total) on any of ScanMyPhoto.com prepaid services including photo, slide or video scanning but only valid for the prepaid boxes and additional options.

Click here for an inside look on how ScanMyPhotos.com digitizes all those memories or click here for a little background on the company.

Offer expires 12/31/13.  The code is not valid for pay per scan photo, slide or negative scanning or for walk-in services.


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I sure could use a service like this.

By: DanielleW on Wed Nov 13, 2013
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